Sharron Sarchet | Treasurer

As a little girl, I pestered my parents with frequent requests to ride or to visit nearby horses. One of my first memories is of my Dad renting a big bay draft mare to lead me around – happily perched in the saddle at the ripe old age of four. Finally at six, as a reward for “good grades”, I was allowed to start riding lessons. Heaven! As someone who had grown up on a farm, my Dad insisted that I get the whole horse experience, rather than just riding, so my Mom selected a stable where I worked for three hours (mucking stalls and turnout pens, cleaning tack, and grooming) before riding for 30 minutes. What a gift – I have always loved the work of horses as much as the riding, although at this point I do question how much I actually accomplished as a tiny six-year-old.

Not surprisingly, horses have continued to be an important part of my life, from doing 4H with two spunky half Arabs as a teenager, to leasing and owning some wonderful companions as an adult. Currently, I have a 12-year old Trakehner mare that I purchased as a yearling. We’re showing Prix St George, and I have brought her along myself. My goal in her training is to preserve her natural gaits and relaxation and keep her happy in the work. Western Dressage’s emphasis on harmony and cooperation resonates with my views on what is best for all horses.

I attended Caltech and MIT, many years ago, and had a career as an environmental engineer before retiring to raise three kids. Since then, I have branched out to textile artist, financial coach, book keeper, and dressage trainer. I am currently working on my judging cards for both classic and western dressage, and studying for the Colorado real estate license. I have served as the treasurer or financial director for several non-profits, so I’m looking forward to using those skills for WDAA now.

I am excited to be able to give back to the equine community by serving as WDAA treasurer. This is such a great new discipline, for both riders and horses. Cooperation, harmony, and partnership are all values that strengthen our connection with horses – improving both their lives and our own.

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