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WDAA is very pleased to announce that our new member portal and renewal system is open for business! This new system offers several additional member benefits, including the long-awaited WDAA Video Education Portal which is now available for your education and enjoyment. You will now be able to maintain a member profile containing your member number, access to the Video Education Portal (VEP), view the WDAA Member Directory and choose to be included in the WDAA Professionals Directory. We are also offering a new Veteran Membership and a Veteran Lifetime Membership, both include special recognition for service on www.wdaa.org and a token of our appreciation, a tie tack for yearly veteran members and a spectacular silver belt buckle for veteran lifetime members!

We appreciate your patience while we implement this vast new system. It has so much more to offer and we will be adding new opportunities as quickly as we can. This is such an exciting time for WDAA and Western Dressage, we are so happy to share the journey with you!

If you are becoming a new WDAA member between November 1st and Dec 31st your membership fee will be applied to the next year.

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The Western Dressage Association of America is an Educational Not for Profit with a 501c3 status. Our primary focus is on education about and the promotion of Western Dressage. The United States Equestrian Federation has recognized WDAA as the sole affiliate representing the discipline of Western Dressage.

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