Pinto, It’s not Just a Color!

The Pinto Horse Association of America (PtHA) has been one of Western Dressage Association of America’s (WDAA) most cherished partners from the time our association started.  PtHA hosted the first few WDAA World Shows in conjunction with it’s Colorbreed Congress.  Many exhibitors may know that Western Dressage is still offered at Pinto shows.  However, you may not know that almost any horse can be registered as a Pinto. 

Pinto has evolved to become a horse show registry, not a color registry.  Therefore many breeds, colors and types of equines are eligible for registration and subsequently showing at Pinto shows.  To find out if your horse is eligible, you can follow this link:

To register your horse, you can follow this link:

Western Dressage is offered at some Pinto shows and may be judged by Pinto judges, but some Pinto judges are also USEF Western Dressage judges.  Shows with a dually licensed judges are eligible for WDAA recognition.  So, it is possible for Pinto owners to receive WDAA Horse Lifetime Points and Awards Program (WHLPAP) points and Pinto show points at the same time.  If you want to show at a Pinto Show where Western Dressage is offered, be sure to inform the show manager that you would like them to have the show WDAA recognized so you can collect WHLPAP points.  [email protected] can help them get their show recognized and on the WDAA calendar so even more of our members will be aware of it.  WDAA show recognition only costs shows $35 and most show managers consider it more than worthwhile if it brings at least one additional horse to their show.

PtHA will crown Pinto, Western Dressage World Champions in Tulsa this June.  This is a great opportunity to show in a fun and prestigious show in preparation for the WDAA World Championship Show.  For more information about the Pinto World Championship Show, click: and look at the options under General Information.

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