WDAA partners with eVet and shows you how to easily store and share your horse’s medical documents

Easily store and share your horse’s medical documents

by Katie Navarra

Relying on paper copies to track vaccination records, health certificates, registration, and microchip numbers is cumbersome. The more horses you have, the more challenging it becomes.

Organizing those documents is simpler with eVet. The online equine medical record system stores all the papers you need for shipping, showing, or arrival at a new facility on a secure cloud-based platform. Only licensed veterinarians can enter the vaccination information into a horse’s eVet account, so it is guaranteed to be accurate and HIPAA compliant.

Partner up

As an affiliate partner with the Western Dressage Association of America, eVet is the preferred platform for submitting digital vaccination records. WDAA members who sign up for an eVet account receive a free 30-day horse listing on Epona Exchange while supporting WDAA in today’s challenging economic times. For every new WDAA member who joins eVet, a portion of the proceeds goes to WDAA.

eVet was developed by a horse show competitor and has developed strategic partnerships where the system is integrated into association and horse shows management software. With eVet, you can instantly attach vaccinations and identification numbers to your entry form at partnering shows. This saves you time and helps show organizers to be more efficient. Trainers, exhibitors, and show managers alike benefit from efficiencies in the show office.

In the “new normal” created by the coronavirus pandemic, show offices are also seeking ways to follow physical distancing recommendations. Reducing show office visitors through digital entry processes is going to increase. By using eVet, you’ll be prepared for this change.

WDAA encourages members to use eVet when submitting World Championship Show entries.

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Beyond competition

Keeping online medical records isn’t just for competitors; all horse owners, veterinarians, barn managers and associations can benefit from secure streamlined document storage.

An eVet record enables users to:

  • Send an eVet certificate to a new boarding facility prior to arrival.
  • Share an eVet certificate with a shipping company in advance of a pick-up.
  • Transfer a horse’s eVet record to a new owner.
  • Add photos to ensure that the data and medical records are complete and accurate.
  • Include trainer and farm information.

All in one place Never forget when, where, and what vaccinations and treatments your horses have received. Set up vaccine reminders to avoid lapses that could impact your travel or competition plans. Knowledge is power, and knowing everything you can about how to keep your horse’s medical information safe, secure and accessible is an important factor in supporting their wellbeing and ensuring your piece of mind.

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