August/September 2019 Newsletter

August / September 2019 Newsletter - World Show Edition

President's Letter

Dear Members,

Final preparations are underway for the WDAA World Championship Show and our newsletter is crammed with information for you about the show. We, at WDAA are very excited to bring you the best show experience yet. We take your suggestions very seriously and do our best to make it better every year. I am thrilled to say we are offering every test at every level this year and expanding the show to five full days! I can’t wait to see you all with your beautiful horses and hear about your adventures with Western Dressage.

I have been traveling all across the country this year judging Western Dressage and going to shows and I have seen many of you in the show ring. I have never been more proud than I am of all of you. When I see you at shows, I see how kind you are to your horses and to one another.  I have seen you help each other and cheer for each other. I have seen you welcome strangers to our sport. You compete against each other, but strive to win on your own merit instead of on a competitor’s mistake. This attitude is very rare in the competitive world of showing horses. I am proud that we are a group who puts our horses’ welfare’s above all else. There is no group of people I would rather be associated with. YOU are the BEST!

Good Luck to all of you who will be competing at the WDAA World Championship Show. I wish for each of you, your personal best performances. Remember to have fun and ride for the joy of it.

Cindy Butler, Your President
Western Dressage Association Of America


  All horses, donkeys and mules on grounds require a Certificate of Veterinary      Inspection within thirty (30) days of arrival and a negative Coggins test within   12 months. Original copy or photocopy of Coggins test must be presented.

   Any livestock entering Oklahoma from a county where Vesicular Stomatitis has been diagnosed within the last thirty days or a county that contains a premise quarantined for Vesicular Stomatitis shall be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection dated within five (5) days of entry containing the following statement: “All animals identified on this certificate of veterinary inspection have been examined and found to be free from signs of Vesicular Stomatitis and have not originated from a premise which is under quarantine for Vesicular Stomatitis."

The website: notes all states and counties with current outbreaks. It is your responsibility to comply with this rule and all paperwork will be checked prior to any animals being unloaded from trailers.

Move-in begins on Monday at noon. Hours of move-in are Monday from noon-9pm, Tuesday-Thursday 7am to 9pm and Friday 9am-5pm. Stabling office staff will check all paperwork during those hours. Anyone arriving outside the stated hours must call the number posted at the stabling office upon arrival and on-call stabling staff will check your paperwork. If any paperwork is not in compliance with the above requirements, the animals will not be able to unload. You may utilize an on-call veterinarian or go to a local vet clinic to have your animals examined and to obtain the required health certificates

News Flash!! 

Gaited Intro Freestyle, Gaited Costume Freestyle and Gaited Freestyle have  been added to the 2019 World Show Prize list. There is still time to enter!


From Katharina Nowotny-Boles - 2019 Volunteer Coordinator

Please consider helping us run the rings, hand out awards, sell or collect tickets, support our judges, setup/ tear down the arenas and more!  All volunteers will receive free drinks and snacks during their shifts as well as our exclusive Volunteer T-Shirt

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