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A Letter from your Past WDAA President - Ellen DiBella

I invite every member of WDAA to join me in welcoming Cindy Butler as the new president of WDAA. Each November, the board elects board members for three-year terms and also elects officers. We have a wonderful slate of officers who will guide our Journey for this next year.

Cindy is uniquely qualified to serve as president of WDAA with her extensive background in the equine world and her dedication to Western Dressage. Cindy has provided outstanding leadership to the USEF Western Dressage Committee; her willingness to put time and effort into finding just the right words for our rules has amazed me. Anyone who has seen Cindy in action at our Annual Meeting going over the Western Dressage rule proposals will agree.

Cindy holds many judging cards, one of which is in Western Dressage. She is very active as a judge and her busy judging schedule takes her all over the country and puts her in touch with a wide variety of organizers, competitors and other judges. Cindy gave an outstanding seminar for scribes as our 2017 Group Apprentice Judging Program and filled in as a judge when one of our judges became ill. When anyone needed help, Cindy was there with a helping hand and a smile.

I have enjoyed serving as your president and thank you for your generous support. What a wonderful Journey and what great company you all are!

The complete slate of officers voted in at the meeting include the following:

President Cindy Butler

Vice-President Lisa Blackstone

Treasurer Sharron Sarchet

Secretary Thallia Blight

A Letter from your New WDAA President - Cindy Butler
It is my honor and privilege to begin serving the members of the Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) as President of the Executive Board of Directors. I thank Ellen DiBella for her amazing vision and leadership in creating WDAA from nothing and making it the fastest growing equine discipline the United States Equestrian Federation has ever seen. Thank you to my esteemed colleagues on the Executive Board for entrusting me with the responsibility for an organization so dear to all our hearts. I am grateful for your commitment to join me and our great staff in continuing with our mission to build an equine community that combines the Western traditions of horse and rider with Classical Dressage.

My promise to the membership is that I will serve you to the best of my ability with fairness and an open mind. As the chairman of the Rules Committee, I have been working diligently to ensure a clear and level playing field for all exhibitors and equines. I look forward to continuing that work along with;
  • Planning the next World Show,
  • Sharing exciting news about USEF’s new Competition Lite program,
  • Starting a monthly opinion poll for members to weigh in on decision items,
  • Rolling out Level 4 tests, and
  • Working with breed organizations to promote more opportunities for you to show your horses in Western Dressage.
I ask you, my fellow members to accompany me on this journey by:
  • Training and showing your horses in Western Dressage,
  • Asking show managers to include Western Dressage in shows,
  • Participating in the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points and Awards Program,
  • Joining and becoming active in your nearest WDAA State Affiliate,
  • Clicking on our link every time you shop with Amazon:
  • Sponsoring classes or awards for Western Dressage at any level,
  • Sharing your Western Dressage experiences with horsemen and women everywhere.
I know there is much to do and the trail ahead is challenging, but I feel like a race horse in the starting gate, raring to go. I am excited to be on the best team, working for the best membership, with the best purpose – to honor the horse!

Off and running. Race with me!

Cindy Butler, Your WDAA President
2018 Judges Education Seminar
The 2018 WDAA/USEF Judges seminar will be held in Denver Feb 6th-8th 2018. The seminar is open to all that are interested in Western Dressage. Not only is it the first step in pursuing a USEF Western Dressage judges license but it is also an invaluable learning experience for instructors, trainers, and exhibitors. The following are a few comments from past auditors.

"I have attended many WDAA educational events & am continually impressed by the quality of them.  I came away from the WDAA/USEF Judges Seminar with a greater insight of how competitors are evaluated through the judging process.  It's a wonderful event to attend whether you are interested in becoming a judge or just want to develop a better understanding of Western Dressage." -Jenna Brumm, Jenna Brumm Horsemanship, KS.

"If you are a Western Dressage trainer or competitor I highly recommend attending the WDAA Judges Seminar as an auditor. There is no better way to stay informed about the discipline and to find out what the judges will be looking for in the upcoming season." - Cathy Drumm, MA
Register for the Judges Education Seminar
Western Dressage Professioanls Directory
Western Dressage Professionals , WDAA wants you!  Western Dressage is growing exponentially and people all over the world are looking for trainers and clinicians. WDAA offers a Professionals Directory listing for only $50.00 per year. We get inquiries constantly for trainers and clinicians and direct people to the Directory . Please don't miss out on this great opportunity to be listed with the best of the best when it comes to Western Dressage!
Sign Up for the Professionals Directory
While Doing your Holiday Shopping - Support WDAA
While doing any shopping on Amazon, you can also support WDAA! Be sure to go to "" when shopping and choose the Western Dressage Association of America as the benefactor from your shopping.
Or click this link to start shopping immediately:
WDAA Horse Lifetime Points & Awards Program (WHLPAP) Update
It’s been a busy couple of months in the WHLPAP since the Western Dressage World Championship Show ended. Several horses have been enrolled and started earning points AND have reached at least one award level already. Eleven horses have reached the Register of Merit level (earned 35+ points); 6 have reached the Register of Achievement level (earned 100+ points); 6 have reached the Register of Excellence level (earned 200+ points); 1 reached Bronze Medalist level (300+ points with 5 tests at Level 1 or higher); and 1 reached Silver Medalist level (400+ points with 5 tests at Level 2 or higher).

Keep in mind that all of these new levels were reached from points submitted from shows held since September 1st, including the 2017 WDAA World Show. If you have a horse that you showed at the WDAA World Show (or other WDAA recognized show in 2017) that you are considering to enroll in the WHLPAP, you can still submit enrollment, annual recording, and test score forms and fees to begin earning points toward these award levels. We honor submissions for up to one year after a recognized show was held.

Speaking of recognized shows: we hope that you will be on the lookout for shows in your area that would qualify for WDAA recognition and let organizers know about the WDAA show recognition program for you and other members to find more shows for their horses to earn points. Information regarding requirements to qualify for recognition and submission forms can be found here:

Membership Update

I am pleased to report that the 2018 invoices went out on November 1st essentially without a hitch…whew! This was my first year setting up the automated membership renewals in Membee, so I was anxious for it to be a smooth process…and it was! I am also pleased that so many people responded on the same day or within 3 days of receiving the invoice to renew. The first batch of 100+ membership cards went out in the US mail on November 6th. If you have not renewed yet, keep in mind that renewals are due on January 1st. Reminders will go out January 7th and January 15th. Unpaid invoices will be cancelled February 2nd; however, if you receive a cancellation notice at that time, you can still renew anytime by sending an email to [email protected] to request an invoice.

From Kathy Newcomb
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