July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 Newsletter

President's Letter

Dear Members,

There’s just something about spending time with horses that makes us more appreciative and allows us to see beauty in the World. It lifts our spirits and makes every problem seem smaller and less overwhelming. There’s something about WDAA members that can do the same thing. In last month’s newsletter, we asked you to share your pictures and videos on the WDAA Social Corral, Facebook page and you did. It filled my heart with happiness to see you and your horses and to hear your stories. I was even more excited when you shared your videos of tests and tips. Seeing you, hearing about your journeys, and witnessing the way you help each other gives me and the WDAA staff and contractors the energy to keep growing and improving WDAA.

This month, we get to share some new benefits with you. The new video education portal on the website has been our dream for as long as I have been a part of WDAA and now it is real! This WDAA members only portal, has been a challenge, somewhat like training a wild horse. We have had to change strategies a few times and it was such a struggle that at times I wasn’t sure we would ever pull it off. However, thanks to our tenacious, flexible staff, contractors, judges and volunteers, we did it! All members already have a profile setup, and we have sent you login details to access your account. Then, you can watch videos of tests from the World Show. The tests are narrated with comments from our judges and others. We will keep adding videos and improving the portal. So, keep checking back and let us know what other types of videos you would like.

Additionally, we are rolling out our new Veteran’s programs this month and discounts for members at Riding Warehouse.

I am grateful for Dini Swanson and our whole team who work hard to make our WDAA dreams come true. I am also grateful for you, members who inspire us all. Thank you for sharing your pictures, videos and stories with us through the Social Corral. Keep posting the good stuff!!

Cindy Butler, Your President
Western Dressage Association of America

New WDAA Member Benefits now available!

  • Video Education Portal
  • Member portal with an editable profile page
  • Member forums with multiple subjects
  • Military Veteran Memberships and Veteran Lifetime Membership
  • Riding Warehouse %15 discount 

We at WDAA are so excited to offer our very loyal and active members these new benefits, look for more coming your way soon!

Login to your Member Portal to take advantage of these benefits.

Military Veteran Memberships

You have earned it and we want to say thank you, WDAA is now offering Military Veteran memberships! The General Veteran Membership is $35 and includes a WDAA Veteran Member lapel pin and the Veteran Lifetime Membership is $500 and includes a beautiful silver WDAA Veteran Member belt buckle. We will be happy to convert general memberships to military veteran memberships. For more information contact [email protected]

Don't forget about the new High Score Veteran buckle at the World Show!



Attention all WHLPAP participants. Registration will soon be open for the WDAA Honors Dinner to be held Oct 2nd, 2019 during the WDAA World Show. It will be located in the Roper's Cantina at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK. Keep your eyes open for an announcement, don't miss this fun evening where we all will be celebrating your horses' achievements!

Register for the WHLPAP Program.





New WHLPAP Levels Reached

We are pleased to announce the latest achievements in the WDAA Horse Lifetime Points & Awards Program (WHLPAP). We have our second Supreme Champion, Congratulations to Gallod Ffantastic and Joanne Williams! Many shows of all levels across the country have been submitted for WDAA recognition this year, providing numerous opportunities for horses to show and reach new levels in WHLPAP. Please note that we have made an update to the web page that shows the standings of horses in the program. Previously known as the Top 100 Horses, the page now is the Top 200 Horses. Congratulations to all the horses they have been working hard!



Looking for a Schooling Show or Clinic to brush up on your skills. Stop by the Events Calendar on the WDAA website where you will find lots of events happening all over the USA!


The Western Dressage Association® of America is proud to offer an ever-growing list of dedicated Western Dressage professionals. Use this directory to help further your Westen Dressage experience and education.


The WDAA Horse Lifetime Points and Awards Program (WHLPAP) tracks points achieved by a horse with their riding partner throughout their Western Dressage career.

WDAA Website | Member Portal | Event Calendar | Social Corral

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