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2023 March WDAA Member Question of the Month - Saddle Survey

Dear WDAA members,  

Thank you for your time answering this short survey, as the WDAA board of directors tries to determine how the majority of members feel about Western saddles. Because of the recent debate, we realize the saddle rule needs to be amended or clarified, one way or the other, so that it can be easily understood and consistently enforced. We welcome your opinion. DEADLINE TO RESPOND IS Tuesday, March 21st at 11:00PM Mountain time. 

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Ring Savvy As Seen From The Judges And Scribes Perspective

By Sue Hughes and Mary Lynne Zylstra

Show season is almost here. Are you nervous? First time in the dressage ring or working hard to get those scores up from last year?

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Grants for Western Dressage Riders Now Available Through The Dressage Foundation’s Lynn Palm Fund

TEL (402) 434-8585, EMAIL: [email protected]

April 20, 2021 – Thanks to the continued generosity of Lynn Palm, grants for individual riders are now available through her Grant Fund at The Dressage Foundation (TDF). The Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund was established in 2019 to provide grants for Western Dressage
educational events, and now individuals riders are also able to apply for financial help for their Western Dressage education.

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Announcing the 2021 Harmony Award

WDAA is very proud to announce the 1st Annual WDAA Harmony Award.

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2020 WDAA Year in Review

2020 Year in Review video produced by WDAA Board Secretary Thallia Blight.

What does the judge want to see in a successful test?

What does the judge want to see in a successful test?

By Dolly Hannon

· Regular and free gaits and paces (variations of the gaits) that have no rhythm issues and are elastic and expressive, with reach and springiness. Horse covers ground without speed or loss of balance.

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USEF free fan membership to all WDAA Military Veteran Members

WDAA is very proud to announce that USEF will be offering a yearly free fan membership to all WDAA Military Veteran Members. All WDAA members receive a 1 year free USEF Fan Membership but our veterans will get it every year!!!
"US Equestrian is honored to be able to provide benefits to these brave servicemen and servicewomen.  We are very appreciative of the sacrifices they make in service to our country and their efforts to keep our country and our families safe.  Additionally, US Equestrian commends WDAA’s efforts to not only bring the joy of horse sports to a new segment, but also promote the many therapeutic benefits that interaction with horses provides." - Leslie Mangan- USEF Executive Assistant and Project Management Analyst. 
A USEF Fan membership opens the door to amazing member benefits, for more information please visit, 

A Good Sport

By Barb McLintock


He’s one of the youngest competitors at the Western Dressage World Show. And he’s riding the oldest horse in the competition.

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Western Dressage Therapeutic Riding Division Debut at Preston Horse Farm PVDA Show

On April 15th 2018 PVDA hosted a Dressage Schooling Show at Preston Horse Farm (owned by Becky Langwost-Barlow). At this show we (Courageous Hearts Horsemanship) were able to debut an idea, passion, and dream of ours to have a division for riders with special needs and abilities to be able to show in dressage. It has taken a long time to develop a program that would meet the dressage standards, as well as meet the needs of therapeutic riding and horsemanship. We are so excited that PVDA has supported our passion and helped us make this a reality for our riders and their families and hopefully more riders to come!

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Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund created at The Dressage Foundation

Multiple WDAA World Champion Lynn Palm has announced the creation of the Lynn Palm Western Dressage Fund at The Dressage Foundation. Through this fund, financial support will be available for educational events for Western Dressage riders. If you or your club is hosting a Western Dressage clinic, camp, seminar or other type of educational event, you will be able to apply for a grant through The Dressage Foundation,

Riding the Rails, Western Dressage Style

By Cindy Butler

If I wanted to ride in Western Pleasure, I wouldn’t be at a Western Dressage show! So, why have rail classes here? Well, there are lots of reasons. First, Western Dressage rail classes offer an opportunity for riders to introduce their horses to the arena in the comfort of a group setting before having to enter alone. Western Dressage promotes a leveled training system beginning with small steps and moving up a challenge at a time. Therefore, the rail classes are included for you to use as part of your training process. The rail classes offered in Western Dressage focus on different goals than Western Pleasure. Let’s look at Western Dressage’s rail classes one at a time and keep in mind that you can substitute saddle gait for jog anytime when considering gaited horses as all these classes can be offered for gaited horses:

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