Ring Savvy As Seen From The Judges And Scribes Perspective

By Sue Hughes and Mary Lynne Zylstra

Show season is almost here. Are you nervous? First time in the dressage ring or working hard to get those scores up from last year?

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April 2021 Newsletter

Your April 2021 Newsletter from WDAA

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2020 WDAA Year in Review

2020 Year in Review video produced by WDAA Board Secretary Thallia Blight.

February 2021 Newsletter

Your February 2021 Newsletter from WDAA

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True Versatility

By Andrea Caudill

The versatility of the American Quarter Horse is certainly a bragging point for the breed – the horse that is willing and able to do whatever task asked of it. While that is quite common, it is rare when performed on the breed’s biggest stage, a place where specialists typically have the advantage. But at the 2020 Farnam AQHA and Adequan® World Championship Shows, Colorado resident Renee Anderson and her mare, Hi Risk, were successful in two wildly different events: The duo placed ninth in the Select barrel racing and, a few days later, were finalists in the brand-new western dressage stakes class.

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Voices from the WDAA World Show by ProStride

The Horse Radio Network Western Dressage with Stacy Westfall:  The online Western Dressage Association of America was a huge hit this year.  Hear the voices of some of the amazing competitors and how the WDAA impacted them this year.  Listen in…

Listen to the podcast here: https://www.horseradionetwork.com/2020/12/23/western-dressage-598-voices-from-the-wdaa-world-show-by-prostride/

December 2020 Newsletter

Your December Newsletter from WDAA

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October 2020 Newsletter

Your October Newsletter from WDAA

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September 2020 Newsletter

Your September Newsletter from WDAA

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August 2020 Newsletter

Your August Newsletter from WDAA

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WDAA partners with eVet and shows you how to easily store and share your horse’s medical documents

Easily store and share your horse’s medical documents

by Katie Navarra

Relying on paper copies to track vaccination records, health certificates, registration, and microchip numbers is cumbersome. The more horses you have, the more challenging it becomes.

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What does the judge want to see in a successful test?

What does the judge want to see in a successful test?

By Dolly Hannon

· Regular and free gaits and paces (variations of the gaits) that have no rhythm issues and are elastic and expressive, with reach and springiness. Horse covers ground without speed or loss of balance.

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May 2020 Newsletter

May & June Newsletter

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April 2020 Newsletter

April Newsletter

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March 2020 Newsletter

March Newsletter

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USEF free fan membership to all WDAA Military Veteran Members

WDAA is very proud to announce that USEF will be offering a yearly free fan membership to all WDAA Military Veteran Members. All WDAA members receive a 1 year free USEF Fan Membership but our veterans will get it every year!!!
"US Equestrian is honored to be able to provide benefits to these brave servicemen and servicewomen.  We are very appreciative of the sacrifices they make in service to our country and their efforts to keep our country and our families safe.  Additionally, US Equestrian commends WDAA’s efforts to not only bring the joy of horse sports to a new segment, but also promote the many therapeutic benefits that interaction with horses provides." - Leslie Mangan- USEF Executive Assistant and Project Management Analyst. 
A USEF Fan membership opens the door to amazing member benefits, for more information please visit, 

2019 WDAA/USEF Youth Grant

Every year WDAA receives a Youth Grant from USEF that can be used by horse and youth related outreach programs. Last year WDAA chose Operation Wild Horse (OWH) a new Extraordinary Partner of WDAA to receive this grant. OWH shared this wonderful letter with us from one of their Veteran families. We feel this puts our commitment to Military Veterans and their families into sharp perspective.

2020 USEF Annual Meeting Recap

US Equestrian Outlines Key Areas of Success, New Goals at 2020 Annual Meeting
President Murray Kessler and senior staff report on membership growth, program successes, and new member benefits.

At US Equestrian’s 2020 Annual Meeting in West Palm Beach, Fla., federation President Murray Kessler unveiled statistics that show how a vibrant US Equestrian that is growing membership, boosting sponsorships, and building for the future with new initiatives and operational efficiencies.

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USEF Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ellen Di Bella

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian is pleased to announce the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Junior Equestrian of the Year Award to be acknowledged at the 2020 US Equestrian Annual Meeting at the Hilton West Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, Fla. Ellen Di Bella is the winner of the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award, while Julia Stone is the 2019 Junior Equestrian of the Year. Both Di Bella and Stone will be recognized at the Pegasus Awards presented by Adequan® on Friday, January 10, 2020, along with other prestigious award winners.

Ellen Di Bella (Parker, Colo.), the Western Dressage Association of America’s founding President and now its Director Emeritus, has been key to the rise of Western dressage in the U.S. She has devoted her life to inspiring others, creating opportunities for equestrians and their horses, and working for every horse to be valued and cherished. She also served on the US Equestrian board for a decade and currently is on five US Equestrian committees.

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December 2019 Newsletter

December Newsletter

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