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Dear Members,

The COVID19 pandemic has made me feel like a pioneer.   Instead of battling mountains, weather and wild country to reach the land of milk and honey, I am trying to make it to the other side of an epidemic curve and if I make it, I will emerge a modern woman.

Because of the pandemic, I have learned new skills and tried new things.  I judged and exhibited in virtual shows for the first time.  I created my own Youtube channel and learned to upload videos and share them.  I am preparing presentations for Zoom meetings and conducting most business online.  If I only had a flying car, I could be a Jetson!

So, how do horses fit into a modern world?  Mine keep me grounded and give me purpose as I socially distance myself from most people.  I think horses are more important than ever now and I can see by the great number of exhibitors in online shows that you agree.

As live shows (this is a new term I have started using for just plain shows as we knew them pre-COVID19) are starting back up, I urge you to proceed carefully.  If exhibitors are unwilling to comply with USEF/show rules for public safety, it is likely live shows will be shut down again for a while longer.  If you or your family members are at high risk for complications from COVID19, please consider staying home.  If you are not at high risk and you attend live shows, take and use your mask when you’re not riding, social distance and most of all be respectful of others.  Appreciate how much the show staff and facility staff have adapted to accommodate you and be able to host a show.  If we can go the extra mile to heed public health protocol for events and keep each other safe, it is possible we could make it over the epidemic curve and who knows, maybe there will be flying horse vans in the future.  I hope you, your loved ones and I can look back one day and be proud of how we made it through this pandemic like our predecessors were of surviving the Great Depression. 

Cindy Butler, Your President

Western Dressage Association of America


A VERY important WDAA member Question Of The Month will be sent to all current WDAA members asking for their opinion on attending the 2020 World Show. The results from this Questionnaire will be critical to the WDAA Board of Directors' upcoming decision concerning the World Show. It is vital we hear from as many people as possible. 

***If your membership has lapsed you will not be able to have your opinion heard! Please make sure your membership is current and that your membership type is NOT "Prospect". Prospects only receive the newsletter, they receive no WDAA member benefits.***
As of right now, the World Show is still planned to be held. A final decision will be made no later than mid-July prior to the August 1st entry opening date.

As of June 1st AQHA will be a WDAA Alliance!

The American Quarter Horse Association, located in Amarillo, Texas, is the world’s largest equine breed registry and membership organization.

AQHA members share a passion for the American Quarter Horse and the vast lifestyle created by the world’s most popular horse.

Whether you’re a seasoned horse show veteran, fan of the race track, backyard horse enthusiast or simply someone dreaming of someday owning a horse, an AQHA membership will benefit you in countless ways. For more information about the American Quarter Horse and AQHA, visit

Check out our new WDAA Partners Page!

WDAA is very proud to announce our partnerships with the following groups and companies;

  • Operation Wild Horse
  • eVet
  • Courageous Hearts Horsemanship
  • Ride TV
  • Dressage Foundation - Century Club
  • Trafalgar books
  • IEA
  • Gumbits

WDAA Partners are a group of like-minded associations, non-profits, and businesses that share a commitment to assisting equestrians in providing the best care possible for their horses and educating the public about Equestrian Sport, including Western Dressage and it's benefits.

Horse Radio Network

Big thanks go to The Horse Radio Network for bringing the Western Edition hosted by Stacy Westfall to the Dressage Radio Show! Listen in every month for a brief WDAA update and discussions on training principals with USEF licensed Western Dressage Judges and Western Dressage Trainers.

WDAA is proud to honor our Military Veteran Members!

WDAA Lifetime Military Veteran Members
Linda Hicks
Jimmy Welch
James Callesto




WDAA Military Veteran Members
Penny Boggis
Jon LaRock
Cindy Rau-Sobotka
Susan Ellis
Alexandra Strang
Daniel Marcum
Andrea Martin
Deborah Barron
Shirley McVicker
Ronald MacArthur
Susan Conners
Vicky Feeney
Esther Myers
Cathy Beekman
Marcia Drewry
Michele Freeman
Waland Burger
Denise Nelson-Finster
Jeffrey Perkins
Mary Ballard
Linda Harold
Jennifer Reynolds
Augusta Wott


There are brand new videos on the Video Education Portal from Intro to Level 4, to see them log into your member portal!

You can earn WHLPAP points in WDAA recognized online shows, you can find them at 


Looking for a Schooling Show or Clinic to brush up on your skills. Stop by the Events Calendar on the WDAA website where you will find lots of events happening all over the USA!


The Western Dressage Association® of America is proud to offer an ever-growing list of dedicated Western Dressage professionals. Use this directory to help further your Westen Dressage experience and education.


The WDAA Horse Lifetime Points and Awards Program (WHLPAP) tracks points achieved by a horse with their riding partner throughout their Western Dressage career.

WDAA Website | Member Portal | Event Calendar | Social Corral

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