2023 WDAA Western Dressage Online International Challenge - Team Competition

Entry forms must be completed online by 11:59pm PT on June 20, 2023.


DivisionCompetitor Division
Junior  Junior riders of all ages
Adult Amateur  Adult Amateur riders 18 years and older
Adult Open  Adult Open riders 18 years and older
Blended Teams  For Juniors and Adult Amateurs only (minimum of one of each)
Mixed Teams  Junior, Adult Amateur, and Open riders (must have at least one Open rider)
Freestyle Each rider a freestyle at any level, including the same level.
Can be any combination of Junior, Amateur Adult, or Open riders.



  1. Team members can organize at will, and do not have to be from the same barn, locale, state, or country. 
  2. Each team shall consist of 3 – 4 different riders. Each team member must designate a different class/test (except for freestyle) which will be used to calculate the team score. Riders are welcome to ride at the same Level, but not the same class number and not the same test.
  3. Each team shall choose a division, team name, and designate a Team Captain. 
    1. The member names and class numbers will be needed to complete the form.
    2. The Team Captain will complete the entry form online and pay the entry fee online on the specified WDAA webpage by 11:59pm CT on Tuesday, June 20, 2023. 
  4. We reserve the option to split Divisions if entries allow it.
  5. The entry fee for each team is $35.00 per division entered.
  6. In the event a rider’s test video is rejected, they can use a re-ride submission of that test, or a different test for which a video was accepted, towards the team score. 
  7. If a particular team only has three members, and one of them is eliminated because their video has been rejected, then the team captain may submit the name of a substitute rider so long as the video and the request are received by the deadline. If this option is not accepted, then the entire team is eliminated from the Team Competition.
    • A Team may compete in more than one Division so long as each member meets the Division criteria.  Ex.  A team of four Adult Amateurs could enter all of the following: Adult Amateur, Blended Teams, and Freestyle.


  1. Each team member must be a current WDAA member and entered in the 2023 WDAA Western Dressage Online International Challenge. No separate rides are required or permitted.
  2. Each horse can be ridden by no more than two riders, with each rider competing in a different Division, on a different team.
  3. Each team member will designate the specific test/class they are using towards the team score.
    1. Riders entering the Online International Challenge with more than one horse may not ride more than once for a specific team, even with a different horse.
    2. Freestyle and Exceptional Rider tests are permitted. Horsemanship tests are excluded.
  4. There is no limit as to the number of teams a rider can join, with the same or different horses. The rider can designate the same test for each team, or a different test for each team.
  5. In the event the video of the designated test is rejected by show management the rider will have the option of designating another test for which their video has been accepted.



  1. Awards for the Team Competition are separate from those for the online show.
  2. Upon completion of the judging period, the Show Secretary will provide the scores and the WDAA Secretary will calculate the team results.
  3. Each team’s score will be calculated as the average of the individual scores of each member of the team.
  4. In the event of a tie between teams, the average of the highest score and lowest score from each team will be used to calculate the placings.
  5. Placings First through Tenth. Prizes will be mailed to the Team Captains for distribution to the team members.
  6. Each member of a winning team will receive an award, with awards shipped to the Team Captain for distribution.
  7. Each rider will be asked to confirm their mailing address via an online survey before awards will be shipped.
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  1. 1. Who should I contact if I have questions?
    1. Contact Thallia Blight at jog.20meter.[email protected] or leave a voicemail message at (650) 265-1193.
    2. Please do not contact show secretary Susan Peacock as she will be busy with facilitating the online show.
  2. What information does the Team Captain need to complete the online entry form?
    The team captain will provide the following for each team’s entry in a specific Division.
    1. The team’s name and the captain’s name/email/phone number/mailing address.
      1. Division entered
      2. Entry number and name of each rider
      3. Rider Horse’s name
      4. Specify the test (and class) the rider has designated for the team.
      5. Rider's mailing address.
  3. Can a rider be on more than one team?
    1. YES, a rider can compete on multiple teams, riding the same horse or different horses in each. However, only one score for a rider/horse entry will be used to calculate the score for a particular team. (Neither rider nor horse can be counted for more than once on a particular team in a specific Division.)
    2. Example: Thallia will participate in two Teams.
      1. She will join Team Caffeine in the Adult Amateur Division and designate her Basic Level Test 4 on her APHA mare Cappuccino for the team score.
      2. She will also join the Merrylegs Team for the Blended Division and designate her Level One Freestyle with mare Cappuccino for the team score
  4. Can a competitor who is entered in the Online Challenge with multiple horses be on multiple teams?
    1. Yes, so long as the rider rides chooses only one horse/test for each different team.
  5. Can the horse be ridden by more than one rider?
    1. YES, the horse can be ridden by one or two riders, but each rider must be on a different team, competing in a different Division.
  6. Which test(s) count towards the team score?
    1. Each rider will specify the test they are riding for the team and the captain will enter this information via the online entry form. Freestyle and Exceptional Rider tests are accepted; horsemanship rides are not applicable. If riding for two or more teams, the rider may choose to designate the same test for all teams, or different tests.
  7. Why must each team member specify which test they are riding for the team?
    1. Team sports are about working together and having a strategy which allows each team member to be at their best before any formal evaluation by the judge.
  8. I do not have a team to join. How can I participate?
    1. Check the WDAA Social Corral Facebook page for postings or post a request there yourself.
    2. If you do not use Facebook, email Thallia at [email protected]
  9. Can I mail in the entry form?
    1. Entries will only be accepted online.
    2. Contact Thallia Blight if this is a concern.
  10. The video of my designated test has been rejected. Can I still be on a team?
    1. If the rider submits a re-ride of that specific test, then that score will count towards the team score.
    2. If the rider does not provide a replacement video, then a different test must be designated (for which the video has been accepted).

      Example: Thallia’s video for Cappuccino’s Basic 4 Amateur test has been rejected for technical issues. Her options are:
      1. Thallia submits a new video of a re-ride of Basic 4 Amateur by the deadline, and the score from that attempt will count towards the team score OR
      2. Thallia chooses not to submit a re-ride video. This means she’s been eliminated from Basic 4 Amateur. Her teammates have designated these tests: Basic 2 Amateur, Level 1 Test 2 Amateur, Level 1 Test 1 Amateur. Thallia must choose one of the other tests for which she has a video which has been accepted. She cannot designate Basic 2 or Level 1 Test 2 or Level 1 Test 1 because those have already been designated by teammates. Her options are to designate either her Basic 3 Amateur or her Freestyle test (for which the videos have been accepted). She must do so before Judging begins. She may be contacted through her Team Captain, or individually by Thallia via email – whichever is more expedient.
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WDAA Secretary Thallia Blight is the Team Competition manager. Contact her via email [email protected] or leave a voicemail message at (650) 265-1193 if you have questions or concerns.